Friday, December 10, 2010

Goodbye 20's..

Hello 30's! Yep, today is my 30th Birthday. eeeeeek!

For my 30th Birthday I always thought I'd be getting away for the weekend, going out & drinking like I'm 21 again. But I can honestly say I would soooo much rather be doing what I'm doing today .. going to get a pedi/mani after work, going out to dinner with Dan, and then chilling at home with Dan and the dogs. Sounds like a perfect Birthday.

My co-workers made me one of my favorite desserts - funfetti cupcakes! Come on, you know the stuff:

It's like I'm 30, going on 12. :)

Besides it being my Birthday there isn't much else going on right now. I've been getting some horrible sinus headaches, so if anyone has any remedies I'll take them! Work is still super busy, and I need to get my butt out there and do some Christmas shopping. We have two parties to go to tomorrow, my work party next Wednesday, Chargers game next Thursday, and then we're off to see my girlfriends and parents for the weekend.. and then it's Christmas! So much coming up.. so little time to shop.

Oh, and a confession.. we have yet to put up any Christmas decorations. GASP! This is unheard of for me. Usually by now the tree is up, the lights, the decorations.. the whole nine. We're just not going to be home much the rest of the month, and we're spending Christmas up at Dan's parent's place. Next year will be the babies first Christmas though.. spent at home. We'll definitely go all out to make it special. :)

Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, December 6, 2010

NT Scan

Can you believe I'm 13 weeks???? Well, technically they pushed my due date back two days to June 15th, so I guess I'm really 13 weeks on Wednesday. Close enough. :)

We had our NT scan last week and it was SO cool! We got to look at the babies for about an hour.. we saw their spines, their brains, their itty bitty feet and hands. They moved around a lot which was really neat to watch. Baby A was especially wiggly. Constantly kicking his/her feet and moving their arms around.

No guess on the sex of the babies, but that's o.k.. we got really good results from the scan and the blood work I had done the week before. 1 in 34,000 risk for down syndrome, 1 in 100,000 risk for trisomy 18. YAY!

All is well with the babies, and all is well with me. Besides some nausea throughout the night recently, I'm feeling pretty good. Getting exhausted around 2:00 or 3:00 every day, but still managing to stay awake until 10:00 each night. The belly is getting bigger. I think I still just look fat, but it's hard and I can't suck it in. So weird!

I'm soooo excited to be officially out of first tri in just a few days. I'll leave you with some showing off of the babies :)

Baby A (our little wiggle worm):

And Baby B: