Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Girl Power!!!

Dan and I went to a San Diego Derby Dolls Roller Derby bout.. and it was awesome! I'm so glad I added that on my list to do. I lucked out and one of the lovely derby dolls saw my blog, and offered me 2 free tickets to a bout! :)

The bout was San Diego vs. Humboldt, and it was just like any other sport.. you buy a ticket, grab a beer, someone sings the National Anthem, and there was even a half time show, complete with drummers and derby dolls jumping over some brave fans. The girls all have hilarious nicknames like Kung Pao Tina, McNasty, and Leia Asout. hehe. And let me tell you, those girls kick ass! It's nothing brutal, but there's definitely a lot of pushing & shoving - while they're whipping around the track. So, there were some good spills and crashes. It was very exciting, and super fun. Made me want to go home and dust off my Britney Spears roller skates... I'll just be taking them to the regular ol' roller rink though, thankyouverymuch.

I attempted to take pics, but stupid me forgot to take my flash off, and my camera doesn't do so well with the action shots. For anyone who's never been to a roller derby bout I highly recommend it! Shout out to #U!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stupid People Island

Don't you sometimes wish there was a deserted island that you can send stupid people to? When we start getting sick of seeing someone on t.v. the public could vote whether they should be shipped off or not.
I think it's a great idea. And here's my top nominees for that ballot:

No, I will not read your book.. I really don't care what you have to say..
You are a dumb beauty queen. Stop trying to act like a victim.. pretty please go away?
Please do no procreate. If you do, your children will most definitely be shipped off to stupid island with you...

I'm sure there are more, but those are my top 3 for the moment. So, who's with me???

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making the best of it..

Here's a few things I indulged in today.. can you guess why?

Yep, I'm not pregnant.
p.s. I am SO ready for 2009 to be over and a fresh start in 2010 to begin.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My babies, My children

This post is dedicated to my babies.. Bootsie and Cali. Yes, they're dogs. I consider them my children though and can't imagine life without them. I titled the post "my babies, my children" because last weekend when we took them for a walk downtown, I had 3 or 4 different people tell me how cute/beautiful/well behaved (little do they know!) my babies or children are. Part of me thought boo..I wish I had real babies to show off! But then I got thinking and I LOVE being a momma to these dogs. We saved both of them from local pounds, which I am SO glad we did. Thinking about what could have happened to our dogs just breaks my heart. Ok, on to the dogs!

This is Bootsie. She'll be 3 in January, and we think she's a German Sheppard mix:
Some things I love about her:

1) She's a super picky eater, but loves loves loves sweets. If you give her a dog treat she'll most likely put it in her mouth, spit it out, play with it for 10 minutes, and then finally eat it when Cali starts closing in. Give her something sweet and she's ALL over it. Cookies, Cake, Pastries, and even ice cream. Confession: I once let her lick my ice cream cone. She loved it. It was super cute. Gross, but true.

2) She loves to have her "armpits" scratched. I know I know.. dogs don't have armpits. To me, the 2 legs in the front are their arms, not legs. So they're armpits in my mind & they're Bootsie's favorite spot for some scratchin!

3) She likes to curl up next to me at the edge of the bed. She's very particular though. She only likes my side of the bed, not Dan's. She also won't jump up next to me unless I pull back the comforter. She likes laying on the sheet like mom & dad! What can I say, she's a smart dog.

Now for Cali. She'll be 2 at the end of November, and with that spotted tongue we're pretty sure she has some Chow in her (ignore the knee and whatever is going on behind her on t.v.):

Some things I love about her:

1) She weighs 84lbs, but swears she's a lapdog. She loves cuddling, and loves to give lots & lots of slobbery dog kisses. I think she might be the sweetest dog I've ever met. And I promise I'm not saying that just because she's my dog. :)

2) She frolics. When Cali chases after a rabbit or a dog toy she doesn't run, she literally frolics in the air like a clumsy deer. It's ridiculous but adorable.

3) She likes to goose me when I get home from work. If I'm wearing a dress or skirt one of the first things she does when I get home is stick her head up my skirt, hitting my butt with her cold, wet nose.

Yes, maybe my dogs are a little strange. And yes, maybe I'm a little strange when it comes to my dogs too. But they're family & I love them. Here's one more pic of both of them together. Cali was not loving the antlers being on her head, & Bootsie is very happy they're not on her:

I love you my mutts!!! xoxo

Monday, November 9, 2009

Comfort Food With Old Folks

Well, I said I'd get working on my list & I did accomplish a couple of things over this past weekend. Saturday Dan and I took the dogs downtown for a long walk, and decided to walk through the Little Italy farmers market. I was actually pretty impressed by it! Some of the San Diego farmers markets I've been to in the past are pretty weak, but this one had lots of goodies and was good sized. Unfortunately we didn't bring any cash with us (boo) so we're going to make a trip back one of these upcoming Saturdays. I already eyed my purchases: A cute apron for $13, olives, smoked salmon, some fancy french pastries, and of course flowers. On a side note, when I made this list and added "visit all San Diego farmers markets", I had NO idea there's 31 different farmers markets. Oh man. Good thing I love me a stroll through a farmers market!

Now for something I can completely cross off my list. I convinced Dan to go to The San Diego Chicken Pie Shop for dinner Saturday night. We had a light lunch, so we headed there around 5:30. I joked with Dan on the way there that we'd probably be eating with all the blue hairs since we were going so early AND this place is known to attract the oldies as is. We arrive, we're seated, and who's sitting across from us at the restaurant?? The cutest old couple wearing some fancy square dancing outfits. The old lady had a frilly white and red dress on, and her husband had red pants, a button down white shirt, and a red SPARKLY tie. Adorable. They ate their dinner, put their bread rolls in a zip lock baggy (teehee), and left the waitress a $1 tip. The place had a diner feel to it with roosters all over the walls, and the food brought out to you via a rolling cart.

On to the food! It was YUMMY, and oh so cheap. I can see why old people flock to this place. Where else these days can you get a chicken pot pie, potatoes, veggies, rolls, coleslaw (or in my case an apple sauce switch out) AND a piece of pie for dessert all for the price of..drum roll please... $6.50!!! Here's a pic of the pot pie (I cheated and pulled this off the web since I forgot my camera):
And here's a pic of the cherry pie I had for dessert:Dan got the same thing, but had pumpkin pie for dessert, and he tried a cup of their chicken noodle soup. This place sure does like gravy. The pot pie and potatoes were covered in it, and of course when you broke open the pot pie it poured out. We were pretty much convinced that the chicken noodle soup also had the gravy in it. Another thing about the pot pie and why Dan loved it - it had no veggies in it. I could have used some carrots or peas in there, but Dan was very happy with his veggie-less pot pie. haha.

Overall this place was charming, cheap, and served up good home style cookin'. We'll most definitely make a return visit.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Run Down

I haven't posted anything in awhile, but I have a good excuse! My laptop has a virus & it's getting fixed at work. I'm on Dan's computer now, but both of our laptops are work computers. Which has led me to the decision that we need to get our own computer for personal use! I have all my pictures uploaded in my work computer, and it's creeping me out thinking about the tech guys at work looking through my pictures since they're attempting to save them for me. UGH.

Here's a little run down on what's been going on in my life since my last post:

1) We got a new GAS oven (since our crappy electric one broke) as a Christmas gift from my in-laws. YAY! We had to pay a good chunk of change to have someone run a gas line from the garage, but it was so worth it.

2) Halloween! Like the old home bodies we are, we stayed home and passed out candy. We searched high & low for a pumpkin to carve and found NONE. Not one pumpkin on Halloween could be found. What's up with that?? Oh well.. no yummy roasted pumpkin seeds for us.

3) I had an u/s that went great! A good sized follie and my lining measured great! The doc decided to give me the trigger shot, to make sure I ovulated the next day. I normally would freak out about getting a shot in my belly, but I've been poked & prodded so much the past year that it didn't really phase me. I ovulated on Tuesday, so now we wait. sigh.

4) We saw The Lion King play with Dan's parents, which was awesome. I haven't seen the movie in soooo long, so seeing the play was pretty cool.

5) I tried an eggnog latte from Starbucks for the first time, and I'm hooked! YUM-O. It got me excited for the upcoming holidays. I can't wait for December 1st to roll around so I can decorate the house and listen to nothing but Christmas tunes for the whole month. (sorry Dan)

I think that's about it for now. Nothing crossed off my list unfortunately, but I'll get working on that. Happy Saturday!