Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Freedom tastes gooood

No pony tail or yoga pants, and make-up on... means one thing.. I'm going out! Dan took this picture of me and my 32 1/2 week belleh right before going out to dinner. WOOT!

Dinner was fan-freaking-tastic. We went to a steakhouse and I indulged in filet mignon, garlic mashed potatoes & salad. And I just couldn't resist sharing a dessert with Dan. My blood sugar was a bit high afterwards, but nothing major, and the dessert was soooo good. The whole meal was delicious! I can't tell you how nice it was to get out of the house for a couple of hours. I felt like a normal person, out in the real world. It's weird how being cooped up in your house for weeks can make you feel so disconnected.

Hopefully there will be more trips outside of my house to come. If things continue going well I should be off bed rest sooooon!

A few other random pregnancy related updates.. my belly button has officially popped. It's not sticking out like crazy, but it's definitely out. Weird! I have a couple little stretch marks on the very bottom of my belly, but other than that most of the stretch marks are at the top of my thighs. Again, weird. Pregnancy is so weird, right? Sleep is getting harder & harder. The other night I think I might have broken some sort of record for how many times I got up to pee.. it was at least 6 times throughout the night.

Exciting stuff, eh? Like I said before, I don't have a whole lot of excitement in my life right now! The nursery is pretty much done though so I'm going to take pics and post those this week. yay!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

32 Weeks!

Ok, I promise going forward I'll make an effort to blog more than once every week. Honestly though, with being on bed rest there's just not a whole lot going on in my life right now! I'm not cooking, I don't get out of the house, I'm a human incubator chilling on my recliner.

I can't complain though. I may have no life now, but pretty soon I'll have PLENTY to keep me busy.

Anyways, 32 weeks!!! YIPPEEEEE! I had another cervix check this morning and things are still stable.. measuring about 1.4-1.8. So, shorter than a couple weeks ago but they're still considering me in the stable range. Which means...... I get to go to dinner this weekend! I'm suuuper excited just to get out of the house for dinner like a normal person. We're going to a steak house we've never been to before and I can't wait.

The babies are looking good.. they passed their stress test today. We had an ultrasound too and Harlow is sooo stretched out. I'm not kidding, she probably takes up 75% of my belly, while poor little Emma is squished, as low as she can go. Poor kid, already letting her little sister walk all over her. :)

Oh, and I had a realization that I'm going to be pushing two babies out of my whoo-ha very soon. holy hell. I guess I was just convinced that Harlow wouldn't flip and a c-section was inevitable. But now I have 2 head down babies and I want to at least try to have them the old fashion way. Except I'm scurred. Normal, right?

A couple things I'm doing to help with the fear. First, I'm going to have someone come to the house to give us a private labor class. I know I don't have to take a class, and I could find a lot of information via the internet, but I like to be prepared & this just seems like the best way to do that. The other thing I'm going to do is to just get over it... women give birth every day, and it's obviously the only way I'm going to meet these bay-bays.

Totally worth it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

31 Weeks!

Wow, another week with inside babies! I'm feeling so thankful. :) A bit of cabin fever going on, but still thankful, nonetheless.

So, let's see.. what sort of updates do I have? I had a growth ultrasound last week and it went fabulous. My cervix is still stable, and the girls are growing right on track. Emma was an estimated 3lbs 5oz, and Harlow was an estimated 3lbs 11oz.

I had a regular OB visit yesterday & my OB told me if I get another good cervix check next week, she's letting me go out to dinner! And she told me I can sit in my backyard for an hour or two every day to get some sun! Yes, I really do appreciate the little things. ;)

If I make it to 34 weeks (only 3 weeks away!) she'll probably take me off bed rest completely!! For some reason I'm dieing to take a trip to Target, of all things. So when she told me that I thought in my head YES! Target here I come!

The only bit of bad news I got was that I had to start a medication for gestational diabetes. :( I was really hoping to avoid that, but my fasting numbers have been consistently on the high side. Hopefully the medication does the trick and keeps everything under control. You KNOW I'll be splurging on some ridiculous dessert after I have the babies. :)

The girls are rockin' and rollin' in my belleh all.the.time.. it's the craziest thing having 4 arms and 4 legs kicking and punching. Feeling their little body parts poking out all over the place, Dan & I trying to figure out what we're feeling. By far the coolest thing about pregnancy so far.

That's all for now.. the nursery is 99% done, but now it's filled with gifts from the shower that need to be put away. So, nursery pictures still to come!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Shower!

I had my shower this past weekend & it went great! I have to say, it was SO nice to get dolled up since for the past month I've been living in my yoga pants & a pony tail! The shower had a peace/love theme, it was held at my house, and thrown by a few good friends. I was worried it was going to rain, but the sun came out and I even got a little tan on my shoulders! They played Beatles and Led Zeppelin, the decorations were bright, and we had Mexican food from one of my favorite local spots.

It was so special having my friends & family around me, there to celebrate the girls. I've been dreaming of my baby shower for so long now.. sometimes I still can't believe our dream has come true.

Alright, picture time! 

How white are my legs?? Whoah. Ok, and the 2nd to last pic I'm holding 2 home made quilts that my Sister made the girls. It might be hard to see, but I'm also holding 2 little brown bunnies that she made out of my late Grandpa's old shirt. Tear jerker! Not only did she make the girls the beautiful quilts and rabbits, but she made us bibs, burp cloths, car seat tents, a breastfeeding cover.. and I'm sure I'm missing something. So talented!

We received so many wonderful gifts from our friends & family.. everyone was so generous! And let me tell you, Emma & Harlow will be the best dressed babies I know. :)