Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flowers for Meeee!

September flowers... bought! And aren't they gorgeous?

In other "list" news, I met with my boss yesterday and he told me to order my Series 7 books. YIKES. That means I actually have to do it. haha. I'll be sure to post a pic of the study material when I get the book. It's intense. That also means if I really want to get down to business & pass the 7, I'm going to have no life for the next few months. Boo. One website actually describes the test as "one of the most difficult tests you'll ever take..". Awesome.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

AFI's top 100

I did it! I watched Ben-Hur and I'm not going to lie.. I liked it. Enjoying that movie was a complete shock to me. I thought it would bore me to tears, but it was exciting and interesting. There were some cheesy moments, and parts I laughed when it probably wasn't appropriate to laugh (i.e. his sister and mom being lepers), but overall it was a good movie. The chariot race was pretty funny too, and Dan & I got a kick out of how long they dragged that scene out for.

A tip to anyone who is planning on watching Ben-Hur: make sure you have the language option set to English. Ours came with no option selected, so we watched the first 15 minutes with no sound. It makes it very hard to understand what's going on. hehe.

Next AFI top 100 movie being ordered off netflix: Toystory! I've seen it, but it's been a long time & I'm watching all 100 movies, including the ones I've already seen. Toystory will be a breeze.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Just call me Hazel.

It didn't really occur to me that glueing and framing a puzzle was such an old lady thing to do. Not until I went to Michaels to find a frame and glue, and found the puzzle glue is called "Mod Podge". Oh man. Then my friend, who was with me when I bought it, pointed out that framing a puzzle is something a grandma would do. Doh! At that point the puzzle was already put together at home, and it's on my list, so I figured what the hell..I'm doing it.

So, the pictures you see (hopefully) are the glued puzzle and the finished product in it's frame. It's a pretty big puzzle, with a cute scene of Coronado (Hotel Del, the bay, and downtown San Diego). I think I'll be putting it in the guest bedroom eventually. Then everyone can feel cozy.. like they're staying at their grandma's house.

So, that's the first official item checked off my list. Yay! I cheated a little with the August flowers. I didn't buy them for myself, but Dan did buy me some beautiful flowers (see pic). Lastly, I finished one of the books on the Oprah list, A Meaningful Life, by L.J. Davis. Great book..slightly depressing, but good.

I still haven't started my movies.. Ben-Hur is collecting dust, but hopefully that will change this weekend.