Friday, May 27, 2011

Full term!!

Wow. 37 weeks. I still can't believe that when I was laying in the hospital I thought we might have March babies. Now, there's a good chance we'll be having June babies. Unreal. I'm officially full term and I'm SO ready now for Emma & Harlow to make their appearance.

My next OB appointment is on Tuesday, so if I don't go into labor on my own by then we'll be scheduling an induction.. most likely for the upcoming weekend (June 4th or 5th). As of this past Monday I'm 2cm dilated, so I'm making some sort of progress. Fingers crossed that means I'll go on my own!

Either way, I'm still not sure it has sunk in that I'll be holding my sweet baby girls within the next week or so. I picture that moment in my mind, and I know it will probably end up being a million times better than whatever I'm imagining. Just the thought of Dan looking in his baby girls' eyes makes my own eyes well up with tears, so I can guarantee you it will be a suuuper emotional day for me. :)

In the meantime I'm trying to enjoy my last days (hours?) being pregnant. There's a very good chance this is the last time I'll be pregnant, so I'm trying to soak it all up while I can. Feeling my little girls kicking and sticking their little bums in the air.. getting that little extra pampering from Dan.. those are definitely the perks. I can write a longer list of things to complain about, but I won't. Because when it comes down to it I wouldn't take back or trade any of this experience. And I'm trying to focus on the positives, people!

I'll leave you with what's hopefully my last belly pic. Please ignore the wet hair, no makeup, pajama look. :) My belly is now measuring 44 weeks. Yowzers.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Still here..

And still pregnant. :) Just a very bad blogger.

I've officially hit my goal of making it to 36 weeks.. I'm 36 weeks, 2 days pregnant. I guess I shouldn't call it "my goal" because besides listening to the doctor and sitting on my ass for so many weeks, I didn't have much of a hand in it. There are plenty of women out there who have their babies early & there's nothing they could have done to prevent it from happening. So much of it is luck! Either way, I'm feeling super grateful.

I've been super busy with work (yep, still working.. just from home, not the office), and with LOTS of doctor's appointments. I go to my OB's office twice a week to check the babies fluid & to see my OB, and then I go to the hospital twice a week for NSTs. So far everything has looked great. As of earlier this week my belly is measuring 42 weeks (YIKES), I'm 1cm dilated and 80% effaced. And the babies are loooow. My OB could touch Emma's head, which I thought was crazy.

Now I guess we just wait! I'm really hoping they decide to come on their own in the next week or two, so I can avoid being induced. We're still going for a vaginal delivery, so my OB won't induce until 39 weeks, as long as the girls still look good. 39 weeks!! They're going to have to roll me into the hospital by then.

I think those are all the baby updates I have for you.. not a whole lot happening now, just waiting. :) Here's a pic of me and the 36 42 week belly:

Friday, May 6, 2011

10lbs 3oz

10lbs 3oz... that's how much baby I have in my belleh right now! Emma is estimating 5lbs1oz, Harlow is 5lbs2oz. The estimates can be off a bit, so they could be a bit smaller, or a bit bigger. I'm THRILLED to think there's a good chance I'd deliver 5lb babies right now though. And the doctor said if I make it to 38 weeks there's a good chance I'll have 7lb babies!! :)

In other good news, I'm freeeeee. No more strict bed rest! I got to take my trip to Target and while it was awesome being out in the real world, it was exhausting. I guess being off of your feet for so long really takes it toll! Well, that and carrying around over 10lbs of baby.

I have more doctor appointments now.. 2 NSTs a week and I'll see my OB once or twice a week as well. I have one more growth ultrasound scheduled for 38 weeks, if I make it that far.

My private labor class is this Sunday at our house and I'm really looking forward to it. I could go into labor any day now, and I think having some knowledge of what to expect is going to calm some of my nerves. Every time I think about how close we are, I get butterflies!

Ok, now for my recent obsession. If anyone asks me if I'm craving anything, this is what I tell them:

Arnold Palmers!!!! Yum. A couple times a week I'll have Dan pick me up a large Iced Tea, and I'll mix some of the tea with some crystal light lemonade (sugar free for the GD!). So freakin' good, and the tea usually lasts me a couple of days since I'm mixing it with the lemonade. Arnold Palmers have always been my fave, but now I love them more than ever. That & just straight up iced tea.

Another thing I just discovered..

Sugar free, but it tastes JUST like Kool-Aid. Promise. So good, and it's a nice little break from plain water all day.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Monday, May 2, 2011


The nursery is done! Well, I can't really say it's 100% done because I still need to find a mirror to go above the dresser.. but for the most part, it's done. :) Here's the pics I promised!

The E & H above their cribs are for their names (obvs), Emma & Harlow, and the alphabet cards are from Etsy. My Mom found the little table that's next to the glider at an antique store. She painted it light pink and we got the handle for it at Anthropologie. The quilt hanging over the chair is one of the quilts my sister made the girls.

The picture of the two owls came from Etsy, and then I framed two more of the alphabet cards.. the E & the H. They're hanging from two dresser knobs, also from Anthropologie, and hung from pink ribbon.

I gave myself a little project this weekend & painted the trim of my dollhouse. So, the first picture of the dollhouse is a before pic, and the 2nd picture is after (sorry some of the pics are in a funky order). The "rooms" of the dollhouse will be shelves for their books, for now. I posted about it before, but the dollhouse was built for me when I was a little girl, by my Grandpa Tom, who was like a 2nd Dad to me. So, obviously it holds a really special place in my heart. :)

The bunnies sitting on the shelf are the ones my sister made out of my Grandpa's t-shirt (the same Grandpa who built the dollhouse). The ballerina shoes hanging from the shelves were ones that I wore in some professional photos taken when I was little.

And then there's the closet.. the full closet. Probably 75% of the clothes and shoes were given to us by Dan's Sister, who has a 1 year old daughter. We are SO lucky, and the girls will be so well dressed. :)

So, that's it! It's by far my favorite room in the house. Hope you like it!