Saturday, October 1, 2011

my crazy life

My last blog entry was about going back to work. Well, I've been back for a few weeks now & being a working mom is HARD. Let me add a disclaimer that being a SAHM is hard, too. But my days are pretty crazy. THANKFULLY the girls have been in bed by 7:30 or 8:00 and sleeping until 5 or 6. Harlow was driving me nuts waking up numerous times just to have her paci replaced, but now she's down to once or twice a night. I'll take it.

So, I'm up early.. feed the girls.. get ready for work.. off to work. When I get home I feed the girls, and then we just hang out until their bath time at 7:00. Somewhere in there is some cleaning up & dinner. Once they're in bed I get things ready for the next day.. put bottles together.. pay bills.. read emails.. etc etc. My 'down time' usually starts at 9:00 and by then I'm just exhausted. Some nights I try to read a book, but I get 2 or 3 pages in before passing out.

Soooo, that was my long explanation as to why I haven't been blogging. :)

I can't complain though. I get to come home to these girls every day

They'll be 4 months old on the 9th! I can't believe it. They're smiling up a storm, with the occasional giggle (especially Emma!). One of her first laughing fits was while watching Nascar. hm. Harlow rolled from her back to her belly last week & has done it two times so far. It pisses her off (or really freaks her out) and she cries (her oh so dramatic cry). Emma has gotten SO close. She's definitely getting more mobile though. Her head will be facing West when I put her in her crib, and sometimes it will be facing East the next morning. Crazy girl.

And they just started checking each other out recently. Sometimes when I'm holding one, the other will look at me like 'hey! WHAT are you doing holding THAT baby??' heehee. A few nights ago they faced each other on their mats & started 'chatting'. It was the first time they seemed to be communicating with each other, and I caught some of it on camera! :)

Seriously, they're getting more & more fun with every day that goes by. I'm going to try to be better about finding time to blog. I really want to document all the special moments and milestones.. it will be worth it when I can come back and read it one day. Oh! And I bought that fancy pants life planner that I blogged about. It's pretty awesome. Hopefully it can keep me sane and organized.

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite recent pics I took when the girls turned 3 months old.

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  1. lolo they are just too precius! I can only imagine how crazy your day to day must be. Mine is with just one baby! lol