Friday, August 19, 2011


I promise my parenting experience is not summed up by formula feeding guilt or postpartum anxiety. There are SO many good moments that far outweigh the bad, and so many moments where a mistake is made or a funny moment is captured. The bloopers of parenting! This will the first installment of many many more bloopers to come.

The funniest stupidest thing I've done to date happened 4 days after they were born. We had our first appointment with the pediatrician and decided we should give the girls their first at home bath. As if getting two babies fed and out the door on time for their first outing isn't stressful enough..let's add a bath to the mix. Yay! So, I gave Harlow a bath and then moved over to the couch to breastfeed her in a football hold position. Notice any steps missing in between bath & feeding? Yep.. I forgot to put a diaper on her.

And little miss Harlow.. being the jokester that she is.. decided it was a good time to poop her very first huge & messy poo. Of course! And since I had her in football hold with her booty to the side of me, I didn't realize what had happened until I stood up with her. OH EM GEE. Poop EVERYWHERE. Poop on my arm, poop all over her, poop all over the breastfeeding pillow, poop all over the couch! And she wasn't done.. nope, not yet.

As I realize what just happened I look down at her and she's STILL pooping. And I decide that slipping my hand under her butt to catch the poo in my hand is a better idea then letting it hit the wood floors (sleep deprivation makes you do crazy things, yo). Ew.

I make it a few feet towards the kitchen when I realize the window (where the sink is) is wiiiide open. It's the middle of the day, the window looks right out to our street, I'm holding baby in one hand, poop in the other, and my bewbies are totally hanging out. I yell for Dan (thank god he was there), who was able to come and help diffuse the situation. Not before yelling back at me to run to the sink while I'm yelling at him that I'd rather not flash the whole neighborhood. It was hilarious.. afterwards of course, not during.

So, that's my first disgusting experience with poo & some serious sleep deprived Mommy brain. I promise I'll never write another post that contains the word poo or poop so many times. And since I don't have any pictures documenting this blooper (darn) I'll leave you with a different blooper pic.

I promise I'm not suffocating my baby. :)

See? She's o.k  It's just a new thing Emma likes to do where I put the blanket over her arms and she buries her head in it. I don't blame her.. this is an a&a bamboo blanket & it's sooooft.


  1. LOL! We experience the poop everywhere quite often unfortunately! It just never ends...

  2. OMG! That is a great story to tell your girls one day! We've had a few poop everywhere moments as well ;)